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Via Ferrata

For safety reasons All Via Ferratas are temporarily closed for maintenance and are NOT TO BE USED
Anyone using these installations does so at their own risk.
Kindly check this page for further updates.
January 2012

From the Italian, literally meaning ‘Iron Way’ via ferrata are mountain routes with fixed wire cables, metal rungs, and ladders. These allow adventurous walkers and climbers to ascend steep rock faces in relative safety while reducing the amount of climbing equipment required.

Via ferrata were originally developed in the Italian Alps during the first word war to assist troop movement in difficult mountain terrain. Nowadays climbing via ferrata routes as combination of trekking and climbing activities has become a popular adventure sport.

The Ministry of Tourism has sponsored the installation of several via ferrata routes in Oman.Via ferrata users should always be equipped with a helmet, appropriate shoes, climbing harness, and a special tether used for attaching the climber onto the cable to protect against falling. For some routes additional equipment is needed. Gloves are also useful; and in Oman, water, sunscreen and a first aid kit should also be considered as essential items.

If used correctly via ferrata climbing can be an exhilarating experience. As with any adventure activity the sport has an element of risk of personal injury. Via ferrata users climb under their own judgment and at their own risk.

Those trying the sport for the first time should always start under the supervision of a professionally trained guide. Check with local adventure tour operators for availability.For experienced via ferrata climbers it is best to go with someone who knows the way and to check on the status of the route before setting off.

There are three via ferrata in Oman. Presently the Grand Canyon via Ferrata (VF1) near Jabal Shams is operational.

Grand Canyon (VF1)
Starting along trekking path W6 at the village of Al Khitaym a high level balcony walk to the abandoned village of Sab Bani Khamis takes around on hour and has stunning views of the Grand Canyon. After Sab, an uphill walk leads to the start of the climb. The lower part is a medium to difficult  80m vertical ascent. Following a short walking traverse, the easier upper climb leads out of the canyon via a wadi. The climb itself takes around 1 hour.

Snake Canyon (VF2)
Snake Canyon is located near Balad Sayt in Wadi Bani Awf. This via ferrata route offers an exciting series of traverses and zip line crossings’ 100m above the canyon floor. The climb takes around 4 hours.

Bandar Khayran (VF3)
Located on the Western Island at Bandar Khayran this via ferrata is accessed by sea from the mainland. A short walk across the island leads to great coastal views and the start of the via ferrata. This features around a 2 hour cliff traverse, 40 m above the sea.

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