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Beauty has an address ~ Oman

Welcome to Oman Tourism Portal

Dear  Visitor,

With regards to our awareness of the key importance of modern information and communication technologies’ role to facilitate services, information and interaction with concerned parties, The Ministry has launched Oman Electronic Tourism Portal in 2010 in order to promote for the tourism products the Sultanate enjoy in the targeted markets. Not only that, but the ministry launched that portal to enclose the governmental information to investors and to provide inclusive information for the portal users and to those concerned the tourism field. 

The portal has been launched in a way that could facilitate tourism information and services in the Sultanate of Oman for users. With respect to the portal’ design, a key attention has been paid for the portal to have a modern design and a conformant one with the continuous development of modern technologies and the era of internet as it has been meant to be relevant to the social media revolution.

The most important part is that the Electronic Tourism Portal strengths disseminating the marketing image and identity of the Sultanate as a tourism destination that has components of the first class as it draws its own picture with stunning colors for the world on its known portrait “ Oman ... Beauty has an Address”.

We welcome you all to provide your suggestions, ideas and participation that could help us to improve the quality of provided information, provided services and to enrich the tourism sector through our tourism portal or through the social media streams like Facebbok, Twitter and youtube.

We hope you, dear visitor, to find our website as helpful as you wish to help you on tourism planning level to have an ideal visit and unforgettable experience in the Sultanate, or though other services the portal provides in the fields of tourism investment and other related services linked with Oman tourism field. 

Pease visit Oman Tourism Portal in order to have an ideal visit to the Sultanate, and always remember “Oman... Beauty has an Address”.

welcome again and always in the Oman Tourism Portal.

Ahmed bin Nasser Al Mahrizi
Ministry of Tourism