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Oct 15, 2018

Dhofar gears up to receive European tour groups

The Dhofar governorate is gearing up for the beginning of the winter season 2018/2019 by receiving occasional European tourist groups. It is expected that the governorate will soon have significant tourist movement with the arrival of tourists from various nationalities through direct and indirect flights to Salalah airport. Several tourist groups are scheduled to arrive from Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Russia and other European countries. There has been massive promotional campaign to present Dhofar governorate as a tourist destination for the entire year.
Salim bin Odi Al Ma'amari, director general of tourism promotion, said: "With the opening of new markets such as the Russia, the tourism movement will have a significantly increased activity in the governorate. It is expected that 5,400 Russian tourists through PEGAS company will reach to the governorate in the beginning of the season. PEGAS is one of the biggest companies of Russia which sends tourist groups to various countries of the world including Turkey, Egypt, Greece, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, China and Indonesia. Salalah has been included in the map of the operations of the company this year.
First Norwind Air flight from Russia will reach Salalah Airport on October 15, 2018. This tour is arranged in cooperation with PEGAS, by Nuqtat Al Iltiqa Tourist Company. The Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the airports of Oman will organize a reception for tourists coming will organise welcoming events at for the tourists who are coming to Salalah Airport. These events will include water bridge, Omani folk band will highlight Oman’s traditions. Several government officials and tourism experts will attend these events. Media is expected to cover the event. 
A number of projects have started recently in the governorate to support the growth and revitalization of the tourism activity in different seasons of the year. They include Salalah International Airport, a number of tourist resorts, a group of hotel apartments and commercial centres and tourism projects. Dhofar has moderate weather during most of the months of a year. It makes it an attractive destination for European tourists in the winter. The governorate boasts of many attractions and elements of tourists’ interests, in addition to its natural beauty including charming beaches, mountains, wadis and deserts. There is diversity of coastal, rural and desert environments which attract growing number of tourists and direct flights. The hotel occupancy level has reached to more than 90% during the winter tourism season. All these things show success of the ministry and its partners in marketing the winter season in the world.
Among the most important destinations visited by the tourists in winter are archaeological sites; such as Taqa Fort, Mirbat Fort, Al Baleed site, Museum of the Land of Frankincense, Samahram and the traditional souqs or markets. There are also natural destinations like the sites of farming of frankincense, deserts like Al Rubu Al Khali or the Empty Quarters, diving, coral reef watching etc. There are also marine sports, dolphins and birds watching which attracts tourists. (ENDS)