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Mar 27, 2017

The Ministry of Tourism organizes an orientation presentation on Risk Management and Safety in Adventure Tourism



The Ministry of Tourism organizes an orientation presentation on Risk Management and Safety in Adventure Tourism’ (RMSAT)
The Ministry of Tourism launches safety management system prep-aration guide for adventure tourism activities
MoT’s Advisor of Tourism Affairs: The Sultanate has all it takes to make it a world-class destination in adventure tourism

The Ministry of Tourism is pleased to announce that it has launched a ‘Risk Man-agement and Safety in Adventure Tourism’ (RMSAT) program, which is in keeping with the framework of the Ministry’s initiatives of encouraging adventure sports and tourism activities in Oman. The program is part of one of the 15 initiatives of the Ministry of Tourism within the national program to promote economic diversi-fication which is followed up by the Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit. 

The launch presentation of the program included a working paper which explained the purpose of introducing the program, its importance and its primary role in developing the tourism sector in the Sultanate. It also highlighted the roles of the program’s stakeholders and institutions of the Omani tourism sector, which organ-ize adventure tourism activities.

The program was launched during a presentation, prepared by the Ministry in co-operation with supportadventure.co.nz, which is supervised by the New Zealand Government, and Maven International Consulting Company. Mr. Christopher Knoll, the Director of International Enterprise Development explained the program and its contents; namely - structuring the system, safety management plans, standard operating procedures, managing the risks, the team work, and the activity practi-tioners, types of equipment, accidents, emergencies and examination of systems and records.

During the presentation, an adventure tourism activities Guide, that particularly highlighted the wadis, was also launched. The same has been prepared by the Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the New Zealand Government's Business, Innovation and Employment Department; Stephen Jones, Development Consultant at Oman Tourism Development Company; and the Chairman of the Empowerment of Adventure and Nature activities in Oman.

The guide includes a description for adventure tourism in wadis, the risk identifica-tion and management process, the mechanism of classifying wadis, the most prominent activities can be done in wadis, and how to manage the risks, the team-work, the activity practitioners, and types of equipment, accidents, and emergencies.

Sayyid Adil Al Busaidi, Advisor of Tourism Affairs, Ministry of Tourism said, “The Sultanate has rich environmental and natural resources which are of interest and wonder to divers across the GCC and beyond. In keeping with the same, the RMSAT program and Guide is a sustainable tourism service initiative aimed at helping position the Sultanate as a world-class tourist destination in the adventure tourism sector”.

He added, “Several criteria and requirements contribute to the development of adventure tourism sector in the Sultanate, and to ensure that tourists from all over the world embark on an exciting tourism adventure filled with memories and ex-traordinary experiences that are unforgettable, it was necessary that we consid-ered launching this initiative. Not only does the program promote economic di-versification; but at the same time, is also in line with the best international prac-tices, that ensure the safety of tourists and practitioners of adventure activities.”

Shedding light on the main objectives of this initiative, Stephen Jones, the Devel-opment Consultant at Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran), who is spearheading the project said, “We seek to support the adventure tourism sector in the Sultanate by providing a risk and safety management system that is clear, comprehensive and scientific. One that contributes to ensuring that a provision is made for all required safety processes and that reduces risks practically to the lowest possible level. All this - because one must not forget that the adventure tourism sector is linked to activities and risks that may reach a degree of danger, whether in the mountains, deserts, sea or in other places.”

Elaborating further on the sidelines of the presentation - he said, “We met with specialists from the concerned authorities and with representatives of companies and institutions from the adventure tourism in the Sultanate, as we aimed to ex-plain the program and highlight its guidelines and requirements. An integrated tourism product, which enhances the Ministry’s efforts to develop the adventure tourism sector in Oman, the presentation gave us the chance to explain the pro-gram, and was an opportunity to open the door for discussion with all relevant parties.”

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Tourism will organize further presenta-tions of the ‘Risk Management and Safety in Adventure Tourism Program’. A team from the Ministry will give a second presentation in the city of Khasab in Mu-sandam province on March 29, followed by a third presentation in the city of Sala-lah in Dhofar on March 30.