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A’Sifah Eclogite

This huge outcrop of green rock contains eclogite, a special kind of metamorphic rock; that is rock changed by pressure and/or heat. This particular rock has been on one of the hardest journeys imaginable. Originally this around 300 million years old pre Permian volcanic rock was exposed on the surface of the earth’s crust. Then during the late cretaceous period 90 to 70 million years ago the rock was pushed underneath the oceanic crust to a depth of around 70 km. At this depth the rock heated up to between 500 and 580 degrees Celsius; thereby qualifying it to be called eclogite and causing it to change its color, structure, and even mineral content.

While still in the late cretaceous the rock was pushed back up to the surface where it can still be seen today. The outcropping of this type of rock on land is quite rare. And therefore of international significance.

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