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Beauty has an address ~ Oman

Wadi Ad Dayqah

Wadi Ad Dayqah is a tourist attraction, being one of the easy-to-reach wadis, located near Muscat Governorateabout 90 kilometres from Wadi Aday.

To cross this wadi is to explore the Omani mountains and their natural diversity. The wadi is an extension of similar wadis in Ash Sharqiyah Region. About 120 wadis converge into its path, which stretches from Wilayat Dimma Wa Ta’iyeen in Al Sharqiyah North Governorate to its estuary in Wilayat Qurayat, Muscat Governorate. It is one of the year-round flowing wadis.

A dam has been built in this wadi and is considered the biggest in the Sultanate. It consists of two dams: the main one is 75 metres (246 feet) high, and the secondary one is an earthen dam 48.5 metres (149 feet) high. The main dam includes a tower for water drainage. The dam lake is 8 kilometres (5 miles) long, and the dam can hold about 100 million cubic metres (more than 8,000 acre feet) of rain water.