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Forming the Government Committee for Licensing Integrated Tourism

Ministerial Decision No. 43/2007
Forming the Government Committee for Licensing Integrated Tourism Complexes & establishing its method of operating

In accordance with the system of rule of Non-Omanis’ ownership of real estate in integrated tourism complexes, issued by Royal Decree No. 12/2006, and;

Royal Decree No. 95/2005 determining the functions of the Ministry of Tourism and approving its organizational structure; and

The Tourism Law, promulgated by Royal Decree No. 33/2002; and

The Executive Regulations for the system 0f rules governing Non-Omanis’ ownership of real estate in integrated tourism complexes issued by Ministerial Decision No. 191/2007; and

Pursuant to the exigencies of public interest;

It has been decided

Article one:

A government Committee shall be formed under the Chairmanship of the under- secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and the membership of the following:

  1. The Secretary of the Real Estate Register            Deputy Chairman
    Ministry of Housing
  2. Director General of Criminal Investigations            Member
    Royal Oman Police
  3. Director General of Town Planning & Survey                     Member
    Ministry of Housing
  4. Director General of Planning & Follow-Up            Member
    Ministry of Commerce & Industry
  5. Director General of Planning, follow-up and information    Member
     Ministry of Tourism
  6. Director of Urban Policies Standards            Member
    The Supreme Committee for town planning
The section-head of coordination and  follow-up in the DGPFI at the Ministry of Tourism shall assume the duties of the Secretariat of the Committee.

Article Two:

The Committee shall be entrusted with the following tasks:

  1. Consider licensing applications for conferring the character of integrated tourism complex.
  2. Propose amendments to the norms and controls of licensing integrated tourism complexes.
  3. Any other relevant matters referred by the Chairman of the Committee.

Article Three:

The Chairman or the Deputy Chairman shall convene the Committee within one month from the date of submission of a duly fulfilled application, however, the Chairman may call the Committee for a meeting whenever necessity dictates.

Article Four:

The quorum for holding a Committee meeting shall be reached by the presence of two thirds of its members. The Committee shall make its decisions by the majority of votes of attending members & in the event of a tie the Chairman shall have the casting vote . Copy of minutes of any meeting of the Committee shall be presented to the Minister of Tourism.

Article Five:
  1. The application for licensing an integrated tourism complex shall be submitted to the Secretariat of the Committee and shall be accompanied by eight copies of each of the following documents:
    1. The uses of the project land. (Declaration)
    2. The preliminary development plan.
    3. Details of proposed tourism and property components.
    4. Built-up area as a percentage of total land area; segregated by type of use (i.e. tourism, non-tourism)
    5. The title deed or rights in rem to real estate
    6. The commercial registration documents or the developer’s identity.
    7. List of shareholders (if any) and their equity percentage.

  2. The secretary to the Committee shall check submitted applications and attachments thereto for accuracy, and advise applicants in writing to complete unduly fulfilled applications for onward transmittal to the Committee.
  3. The secretary to the Committee shall submit duly fulfilled applications to the Chairman to book a meeting and members shall be informed in writing of the time and date scheduled for holding the meeting.
  4. The Committee shall reach a decision approving or rejecting applications under consideration within three weeks from the date of its meeting. The Committee shall give reasons for rejected applications.
  5. The secretary to the Committee shall inform the applicants of the Committee’s decisions after they have been endorsed by both the Chairman and the members.

Article Six:

The applicant whose application has been rejected may protest against the Committee’s decision to the Minister of Tourism within thirty days from the date the intimation of such a decision is received. The protest may be accompanied by any supportive documents.
Article Seven:

The Minister of Tourism may directly decide on the protest or pass it to the Committee for reconsideration in the light of the justifications and supportive documents submitted by the protester. The Committee shall make a final recommendation to the Minister as to accept or reject the protest within one month from the date of referral to the Committee of such a protest.

Article Eight:

The Minister of Tourism shall issue a decision accepting or rejecting the protest within two months from the date of its receipt and the decision thereof shall be final. A no action within the above specified period, implies rejection of the protest.

Article Nine:

All that contravenes this decision shall be abrogated.

Article Ten:

This decision shall be published in the official gazette and shall take effect from the day following the date of its publication.

Dr. Rajiha Abdul Ameer Ali
Minister of Tourism

Issued on: 1 December 2007