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The Ship Building Industry

The Omani ship building industry occupies a very important place among the traditional Omani industries, as Omanis have excelled in this industry. Ships have played a major role in the Omanis' ability to sail to the eastern and western hemispheres and stay in touch with the civilisations of the ancient world.

Omani ships are characterised by their various types and shapes. Sur was one of the most famous cities overlooking the Indian Ocean to manufacture ships. Visitors to Sur can roam and experience first hand the different stages of ship and boat building, and examine the materials used in manufacturing them. Tourists can also acquire small models of the ships that were built in Sur in ancient times. The most famous type of ship in Sur Province is the Al Ghanja, which takes one whole year to build.

In order to memorialise this type of ship, Sur natives have placed a model of an Al Ghanja ship (the benevolent conquest) in front of the Sur Maritime Museum as a monument for this ancient Wilayt. Other types of Omani ship include As Sunbouq and Al Badan. Omani ships are generally characterised by their durability and strength.