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Desert Activities

Deserts differ in their nature and quality of sands, varying from the very soft to the very coarse and dense. This factor constitutes a challenge with regard to desert activities. One of these is called The Badiya Challenge Race. It is given this name due to the extremely soft sand that sinks under your feet as you cross it. The race involves climbing sand dunes from a low area to the top in the shortest possible time, filling participants with a thrilling excitement. Usually these dune races are accompanied by a number of popular and traditional events.

Just as each natural environment has its own beauty and charm, so the desert has its own simple atmosphere and style that are extremely divergent from city life. The desert awaits you with a number of activities, such as cycling with four-wheel drive bicycles, skiing on sand, sand dunning with four-wheel buggies, in addition to the fun of camping under the star-studded desert sky.

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