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Muscat Geoheritage

A geologist once said that Oman is one big wonderful outdoor geological Museum; its geological stories can be found everywhere. Oman is the only country in the world composed mostly of oceanic crust and rocks that originated from the mantle - deep below the earth's surface. In addition, evidence can be seen of continental drift and geological processes that have dominated the earth's surface for many millions of years.

30 geoheritage sites have been selected in the Muscat region for you to explore, and on the way to learn more about the history of our planet. Each site can be visited either on its own or as part of a discovery trail. Wherever the topography of a location allows, you will find sign boards with illustrated information about the site. Free of charge i-tourguide applications for smart phones can be downloaded from either the link below or the bar code on the signboard. These enable guidance utilizing satellite navigation (GPS) and provide multimedia information to give you a better understanding of the geological processes.

We suggest the following routes:

  • Bawshar & Al Khawd
    The Bawshar and Al Khawd geotour is a convenient day trip to explore the hinterland of the capital area. This tour provides an “off the beaten track” experience yet you are never far from the city. While following the route to these hidden attractions you will feel the contrast between the vibrant city and the calm interior. You should not miss the opportunity to drive on the new Muscat Express Way as it passes through a very scenic limestone landscape.
  • Wadi Mayh
    The tour of the geological attractions in Wadi Mayh is a convenient half day trip from Muscat. A round trip can be taken by approaching Wadi Mayh from the south-west via the Quarayyat road then exiting the Wadi from the north near Al Bustan. This tour can be combined with the Al Khayran geotour as a full day trip.
  • Muscat / Mutrah
    The Mutrah geotrek offers a peaceful walk in the heart of the capital with some great views and the fascinating story of the Oman Ophiolite. This two hour walk takes you from sea level to an elevation of around 100m. The trail can be combined with a walk to other key attractions in Mutrah, keeping you busy at least half a day. The other geoheritage features in Muscat can be inspected by vehicle to provide a broader picture of the beautiful landscape of the capital area.
  • Al Khayran
    A visit to Al Khayran lets you enjoy both great geology and stunning coastal scenery in a half-day tour from Muscat. Allow a full day to include additional activities such as swimming and snorkeling, or to combine this trail with the Wadi Mayh geotour.
  • Al Jabal Aswad & Wadi Mijlas
    Allow a full day to visit  the geoheritage features of Jabal Aswad and Wadi Mijlas. This geotour offers opportunities to explore the beautiful and diverse landscapes of the south eastern region of the capital area. A stopover in the city of Qurayyat with a visit to its traditional harbour and cultural attractions is a great way to end the day.

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