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World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites are sites that the UNESCO World Heritage Committee includes in UNESCO World Heritage Programme. These sites may be natural, such as forests and mountain ranges, or man-made.

The programme was launched through the Convention on the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage adopted by UNESCO General Conference that convened on 16 November, 1972.

This programme aims at classifying, labelling and protecting the sites that are particularly important for the humanity, whether they are cultural or natural.

The Five Falajs

In July 2006, the World Heritage Committee endorsed the inclusion of the five Omani falajs in the World Heritage List to express the international standing of this unique water system that represents...
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Bahla Fort and Wall

Bahla Fort lies in Wilayt Bahla in A'Dakhiliyah Governorate. Since 1987, its name has been included in the World Heritage Sites List. Bahla Fort includes: Bahla Oasis with its traditional souks, old ...
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Bat Tombs and Settlement

Bat Tombs historical sites are located in Bat, Al Khutum and Al Ayn in Wilayt Ibri in Ad Dhahirah Governorate. They are considered one of the archaeological and historical sites that date back to the...
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Frankincense Route

The frankincense trees in Wadi Dukah, the Al Shisur Oases and the ports of Khawr Ruri and Khawr Al Baleed have contributed to the prosperity of the frankincense trade in the region for several centur...
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