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Caves in Oman are of varying types and lengths, sizes and geographic formations, and annually attract to Oman large numbers of speliologists.

Dhofar Governorate contains a large number of caves, some of which have springs near them. In former times, residents of the mountainous areas used the caves as places of abode and safe havens from the vagaries of weather and nature.

Abu Habban Cave

Located in Wilayat Dimma At Tayyin in the A'Sharqiyah North Governorate, at a distance of 10 kilometres from the centre of the district to the east, and is characterised by the presence of many rock ...
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AlHoota Cave

"AlHoota Cave" lies in the southern part of Al Jabal Al Akhdar (Green Mountain), specifically near Wilayat Al Hamra in Ad A'Dakhiliyah Governorate. It is about two hours drive away from Muscat and hal...
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Al Kittan Cave

Al Kittan Cave is located in wilayat Ibri, the A'Dhahirah Governorate. A distance of 8 kilometres separates it from Ibri. The cave’s uniqueness lies in its extreme luminosity that looks like marble, ...
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Jernan Cave

The cave is located in Wilayat Izki in A' Dakhiliyah Governorate at the foot of the Halfeen Valley below the ancient AlNizar village. The cave also enjoys a strategic location at Wilayat Izki in the ...
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Majlis Al Jinn Cave (Salma Plateau)

Out of sight in the heart of brown hills located at the foothills of the eastern Al Hajar Mountains hides one of the greatest and most beautiful natural wonders. It is the Majlis Al Jinn Cave, or Salm...
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Muqal Cave

Muqal Cave is located in Wadi Bani Khalid in the A'Sharqiyah North Governorate, near the famous water pools in Muqal. On entering the cave, the roar of underground water flowing through its hard rock...
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Al Marnif Cave

Al Marnif Cave lies in Shatti Al Mughsayl area about 40 kilometres from Salalah in Governorate of Dhofar. It overlooks the Arabian Sea and Al Mughsayl fountains (blow-holes), which are a natural pheno...
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Teeq Cave and Tawi Ateer Sinkhole

Tawi Ateer Sinkhole, known as the ‘Bird Well’ gained international fame after its discovery in 1997 by a team of Slovenian explorers in collaboration with Sultan Qaboos University as one of the larges...
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