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AlWasta Governorate(central Governorate)

AlWasta Governorate is located to the south of the Governorate of A'Dakhiliyah and A'Dhahirah Governorate. It is flanked on the east by the Arabian Sea, on the west by The Empty Quarter, and by Dhofar Governorate to the South. It occupies a large area in the middle of the Sultanate.

Its beaches stretch for vast distances along the Arabian Sea. These beaches are famous for their cleanliness and the purity of their waters. This has resulted in an increase of marine plants which give the water its green colour. You can also find other types of plants swaying in the shallow waters of Barr Al Hikman (Al Hikman Peninsula). Many birds pass this area during their annual migration. On land, the moderate climate, influenced by the annual autumn season in Dhofar, helps the growth of a variety of plants and rare mammals such as the Arabian oryx and the Nubian ibex. In addition to all this natural wealth, the area abounds in a large number of oil and gas fields, making it rich on every score.

AlWasta Governorate Wilayat are: Hima, Mahut, AD Duqum, AL-Jasir.


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