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Dec 9,2018

Al Dakhiliyah is witnessing influx of tourists during winter season

The Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah is witnessing a huge influx of tourists during winter season. New investments and projects are strengthening the tourism elements of the governorate. Mountain heights and tracks, heritage sites and ancient lanes are some of the most diverse, multiple and unique experiences and options for tourists visiting Al Dakhiliyah.

Khalil bin Saif al Tobi, Director of Tourism in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah said that there are more than 30 tourist establishments in the governorate. They include seven tourist resorts, 15 hotel inns, two high-level tourist camps, a heritage accommodation built on the original Omani privacy standards and specifications, four guesthouses and two Green Inns.
The work is underway on a number of tourism projects. They are expected to be completed soon. There is Green Cliff Resort in Seih Qitna, which includes chalets, rooms, gymnasium and other facilities which are a distinctive addition. There is also a tourist resort project in Wilayat of Nizwa, as well as other projects, which are expected to be implemented in the future on government lands of the governorate. There are also other accommodation and services projects to be built.
In addition to this, work is underway to improve and develop forts to prepare them to receive tourists. The work is being carried out, in coordination with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. Some old lanes are being readied for the purpose. Contacts have also been developed for the local residents to encourage investments in these lanes. These lanes would be managed by local companies, which are being formed.
He added that these diversified types of hotel facilities have helped in revitalisation of tourist attractions.
There are 28 tourist offices in the governorate which have contributed to organising these tourist options according to the available natural elements in the wilayats of the governorate. The projects implemented by the ministry have also helped in activating the tourist movement. The ministry has recently sought to set up developmental projects, in coordination with various government organisations.
Khalil al Tobi said that when the winter season begins in the Sultanate, there is an influx of tourists to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere every were in the country. Al Jabal Al Akhdhar or the Green Mountains becomes a unique destination preferred by tourists for various activities. Most important activities in the area is exploration tours, adventure activities and experiencing Omani culture and history in its own environment.
He added that Al Jabal Al Akhdar was known for its exceptional climate and spectacular nature. It is located on a high mountain range 2000 meters above the sea level. During summer, temperature is moderate here and dips below zero during winter. The Green Mountain or Al Jabal Al Akhdar enjoys wadis, heritage villages and a number of caves in its surroundings, which have always fascinated those who love adventures and exploration.
There is an abundance of perennial and rare wild plants in Al Jabal Al Akhdhar, which gives the visitors a very different experience. There is cold climate, pleasant mountain life and the unique agricultural products, which are rarely found in other governorates. The visit to Al Jabal Al Akhdar gives tourists an opportunity to meet the local community and see their daily life. Tourists here can have fun and enjoy interesting adventure trekking through the mountain trails.
Al Tobi said that the ministry wanted to take care of this tourist destination by encouraging investment. A set of tourist projects, such as five-star resorts including Anantara and Alila Resort have been completed, in addition to other hotels and hotel apartments, which meet all sorts of requirements and services of tourists.
He said that the number of tourists who came to Al Jabal AlAkhdar, according to the statistics of 2017, stood at more than 132,000. The statistical work of the number of tourists was carried out by personnel of the Royal Oman Police (ROP) at the entrance to Al Jabal Al Akhdar.
The tourists here are received at tourist services centre in Tawi Saada. They are provided information, brochures and maps to guide them while they are roaming in various locations in Al JabalAl Akhdar. There are areas to take rest and other facilities including washrooms and umbrellas available for them. These facilities have helped in strengthening the tourist movement. Tourists spend their pleasant moments everywhere in Al Jabal AlAkhdar said.
The Ministry of Tourism always seeks to provide brochures and tourist maps. They are offered when asked for by the tourists either in hotels or rest houses. They are also distributed through tourist information centres in Tawi Saada. Similarly, there is permanent contact and coordination between the ministry and other accommodation facilities of the governorate to maintain quality and standards of the services given to tourists. This was also seen necessary to know the remarks of tourist either through the call centre or through other means of communications, said al-Tobi.
He said that Jabal Shams was one of the tourist destinations, which see flow of tourists during winter. Most of tourists who come to Jabal Shams are Europeans. This is the highest peak in Oman and can be seen from long distances north of Oman. If you see from its peak towards the south, you would find areas where tourists can reach when they come from the Wilayat Al Hamra. Here, air is refreshing for walk around the necks of the necropolis from the small village Al Khatim to the abandoned houses in the village Al Sab. This is a unique experience of its kind. In winter, snowfall sometimes covers the upper edges forming a rare scene in Oman.
The Governorate of A’Dakhiliyah is also full of natural, historical and cultural elements, on the forefront of them are the natural mountain heights. Despite the temperature plummeting below zero degree Celsius sometimes in Jabal Shams and Jabal Sharqi in the Wilayat of Al Hamra, it attracts large number of tourists during the winter season. He said that the case is the same for the wadis, such as wadi Tanouf, wadi Al Mu’aiden in the Wilayat of Nizwa and wadi Al Nakhr in the Wilayat of Al Hamra, which is flowing continuously.
About the historical sites, al-Tobi said that due to its historical importance, Nizwa Castle is a primary choice of tourists to visit.
Similarly, there is Jibreen Castle, which is located in the Wilayat of Bahla, which is a tourist destination. The tourists would like to visit the castle and closely view its architectural drawings and engravings of this fortress. There is also Bahla Castel that is included in the tourists’ map after its restoration and opening to visitors.
On the other hand, the village of Misfat Al Abryeen in the Wilayat of Al Hamra is one of the most distinguished tourist places. It retains its old architectural character, so many tourists can walk between the old buildings and farms located below the village.