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Oct 9, 2018

Oman Awards for Tourism

Launch of the Oman Tourism Awards….

► Al Busaidi: The awards are aimed at achieving objectives of "Tourism Strategy"

► Al-Taei: These awards are an approach of media initiatives to support country's comprehensive development plans

Al Roya Newspaper, a pioneer of media initiatives, announced the launch of the Oman Tourism Awards. This will be the first edition of the awards. These awards are launched to support the promising tourism sector and motivate institutions, individuals and various organisations to continue their work in this sector for its development. It would have positive impact on the national economy.
These awards are being launched in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism on October 9 (Tuesday), under the auspices of Her Excellency Maitha Bint Saif Al Mahrouqi, undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism. The launch ceremony is held at the theater of the Ministry of Tourism.
The nominations of the awards will begin on December 1, 2018. It will continue till February 10, 2019. The awards distribution ceremony will be held on February 25, 2019, coinciding with the Arab Tourism Day.
Adel Bin Al Mirdas Al Busaidi, advisor of the tourism affairs in the Ministry of Tourism, said that Oman Tourism Awards was aimed to encourage initiatives which support the sector and help in achieving the goals of the National Tourism Strategy. He added that the diversity of the categories of the award will motivate individuals, hotels and companies to compete in providing best services and best tourism packages and offers in order to attract more tourists to the Sultanate. It will make tourism a sustainable sector.
Hatem Bin Hamad Al Taie, Editor-in-Chief of Al Roya newspaper, said: "The Oman Tourism Awards are aimed at supporting institutions and individuals associated with the tourism sector. They can highlight their achievements as their contribution to the development of the sector. He said that the awards were initiatives’ media approach, which is adopted by Al Roya newspaper, to support comprehensive development plans of the country. It shows the national media's developmental role beyond publishing news. It will have positive impact on public opinion. 
Al Taie said that the awards were divided into two categories. The first category targets the institutions operating in the tourism sector, whether they are hotel establishments or tourist resorts, while the second category targets individuals working in the sector.
The institutions’ category includes the award for the best hotel as recognition of the excellence in the hotel and hospitality sector as a place and standard of services they provide. Nominations for these hotels can be in two categories: 1-star to 3-stars hotels in one category and 4-star and 5-star hotels in another category.
Nominations for Best Heritage / Green Inn award will be for the best heritage or green inn licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, provided they serve tourism sector as accommodation. They are in two categories. One is best Heritage inn and the other best green inn like rest houses and farms.
The Best Tourism Company award will be given for the best services provided by them in the sector according to the criteria of measuring best performance. The Oman Tourism Awards also include the Best Media Initiative Award given to the best television or radio programs, newspaper, website or a social media account which gives support to the tourism sector of the Sultanate.
The Best Restaurant Award is aimed at honoring two categories of restaurants operating in the Sultanate, in accordance with the high quality standards. The award includes the best Omani restaurant and the best restaurant serving international cuisine.
In regard with the category of individuals, the Oman Tourism Awards will be given to honour the oldest person with the longest professional life in the sector. This award will be given taking into account the extent of achievements and contributions in upgrading the sector of the country.
The award for the best tourism guide will be given for contribution to the development of the tourism guidance sector, introducing richness of our national heritage sites. The award includes two categories: the best Omani tour guide and the best non-Omani tour guide.
Among the other Oman Tourism Awards is the Best Craftsman Award, which is awarded to the best craftsmen who rely on local materials from the Omani environment for heritage promotion and are of higher quality and efficiency. (ENDS)