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May 01, 2017

The Sultanate is the first guest of honor from the Middle East at Grand Pavois

The 5th largest international exhibition of leisure and marine tourism to host the Sultanate as a guest of honor
700 square meters for the Ministry of Tourism to establish a pavilion for the Sultanate in France
The Sultanate which will be represented by the Ministry of Tourism, will take part in the International In-Water Boat Show in the city of La Rochelle in France, which will be held from September 27th to October 2nd this year.  The organized compa-ny of this annual show- which is ranked among the top five international exhibi-tions for in-water boat show and marketing of marine tourism services and activi-ties, has selected the Sultanate to be the first guest of honor from the Middle East for this year.
This show is considered as a main platform to promote everything new and dis-tinctive in the leisure and marine tourism sector. Located in the port of Minimes, and with an area of 100 thousand square meters, the show attracts more than 800 exhibitors from more than 30 countries from the globe. The number of the visitors who are interested in this field and from different parts of the world reaches 90 thousand annually. Also, about 750 of the latest and most luxurious yachts and bouts are being exhibited. Additionally, visitors and interested parties will be oriented with the most prominent institutions, associations and interna-tional factories which are specialized in marine tourism’s products, services and navigation activities. More than 200 journalists who are specialized in tourism will participate to provide international coverage for the show, as it will be accompa-nied by a huge media campaign targeting this annual and global tourism event.
The show also provides participants with unique and distinguished commercial and marketing opportunities. Moreover, this 5th largest international exhibition allows authorities and institutions which are specialized in marine leisure and nav-igation services and activities to display their products like- modern and classic, sailing and motorized yachts and boats. It adds an importance in introducing the latest projects, services, and activities related to navigation and marine tourism, in addition to beach tourism’s activities, fishing, offers of services, equipment, en-gines, navigation systems and boats’ accessories.
The Sultanate’s participation as the first guest of honor from the Middle East at this show in the city of La Rochelle has been allocated in providing 700 square me-ters for the Ministry of Tourism to build the largest pavilion. It is planned that the pavilion will be divided into 8 sections. The first one deals with Omani entities and institutions which are participating in this event and which are from public and private sectors. The information center of tourism will be in the second part, where promotion offers and information about the Sultanate will be presented to the visitors. In the third part of the pavilion, there will be a visual presentation about the Sultanate’s renaissance, the cultural and tourism components of the environment, as well as the uniqueness of Omani society, while the cultural art performances will take place in the art’s section. The fifth section will be dedicated for Omani hospitality and will give the pavilion’s visitors a chance to taste Omani coffee, dates and Halwa. Alongside to that section, there will be a mini-exhibition for the traditional Omani handicrafts. The seventh will be dedicated to exhibit Omani photos. In addition to that, some photographers who have experience in this field, along with some artists and calligraphers will present live performances for their arts to the pavilion’s visitors. The Omani men's and women's fashion shows will be in the eighth section, and will represent fashions from various gov-ernorates of the Sultanate.
As the Sultanate to be the selected guest of honor at the International In-Water Boat Show in the city of La Rochelle, and as the first country from the Middle East to have such a choice, H.E. Ahmed Nasser Al-Mahrizi, the Minister of Tourism said, “
The Omani and French relationships have been always strong in various field and across different stages of the history. Choosing the Sultanate to be the guest of honor in this year’s edition of the International In-Water Boat Show in La Rochelle is affirming the appreciation and the importance of the Sultanate’s maritime his-tory, its geographical location, as well as its navigation and tourism status in the Middle East.”
He added, “we are looking ahead to gain the most benefit from this participation by the given importance of this show, and the kind of its participants and visitors. In addition to the effort we are spending in promoting the Omani tourism’s com-ponents, and the close-view we are providing on some models and human and cultural components of the Omani society, we are seeking to promote marine tourism’s products in this part of the French market in general, and attracting the guests of this international exhibition in particular. This will highlight a number of integrated tourism projects in the maritime, which will bring the attention of spe-cialists and interested parties in the one hand, and will open new prospects of in-vestments on the other hand.”
He concluded, “Participating in this world-specialized exhibition which is well-known in tourism market provides us with an important and unique opportunity to be presented on such key platforms; to promote the marine tourism sector; its services and activities in the Sultanate, especially with the tourism elements and open seas which the coasts and beaches are overlooking in Oman. Along with this, we will have the opportunity to communicate directly with the specialized inter-national media channels which will participate at this show.”