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Beauty has an address ~ Oman
Feb 9, 2015

Tourism advisors to plan strategy for Oman

Spanish THR Innovative Tourism Advisors has been awarded a contract to prepare a tourism strategy in co-operation with the Ministry of Tourism after securing the highest points in terms of technical specifications.

In its vision, the national tourism strategy, from 2015 to 2040, sets out a plan for the success of economic tourism by organising a series of consultative workshops with different stakeholders and local experts in the areas of environment, culture and heritage, transport and education, in addition to manpower, start-ups and SMEs, and private sector investors in the tourism industry.

Elaborate programme 
The national tourism strategy incorporates an elaborate programme outlining short, medium and long term strategies, together with an implementation of an action-plan based on major pillars, including tourism competitiveness, marketing and product development, governance, education and the socioeconomic development.

The ministry in co-operation with the THR Innovative Tourism Advisors conducted internal workshops to provide different proposals and models to develop tourism in the Sultanate.

One of the key objectives of the Omani tourism strategy is to increase the contribution of the tourism sector to the GDP which is considered to be as a major source of income. Also, it is closely linked to the process of sustainable development.

Future prospects 
The future development prospects will help generate career opportunities, and it includes among its main dimensions capacity building in the tourism sector.

It will update land development agreements, the system of ownership of properties by non-Omanis in integrated tourism complexes (ITC) and the alternatives available to the ministry to deal with investors involved in suspended or delayed projects or ITC projects whose owners are likely to withdraw.

The workshops discussed the main objectives, goals and priorities of the national tourism strategy and the challenges facing the tourism sector in the Sultanate. For that reason they tackled the key issues by strategy formulation and analysis.