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Beauty has an address ~ Oman
Dec 6,2018

Unique Tourism Project Competition(1/2018)

In line with the Oman Tourism Strategy, the Ministry of Tourism is floating a general competition to hold a unique tourism project in Muscat Governorate on the tourism plot no. (19) in Wilayat Bausher as per the Usufruct rights. The winning project will be selected in accordance with the following criteria: 
1. Best tourism project. 
2. Best architectural concept to be printed on an A3 size-paper representing  the  plan,  interface, 3-Dcolour perspectives. 
3. The financial guarantee bond along with supporting documents. 
4. Shortest Time to Completion (TTC). 
5. Highest lease price per a square metre (The rent amount is calculated as per the occupied area; minimum 50% of the total area of the land of the project.
Offers are to be submitted at the Ministry Headquarters no later than 3/3/2019 in closed envelops addressed to His Excellency Minister – Land Competition (1/2018).
For further information, you may communicate on 22088239
Email: maryams@omantourism.gov.om   

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